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Home-scale Permaculture in PDX

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Perfect timing! Fig's are ripe/ripening on Dave's tree and we need a way to store them. This will be a nice addition to the canned and frozen figs. This should work very well for sun dried tomatoes too.
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per·ma·cul·ture (pûram-kluchr) n. A system of perennial agriculture emphasizing the use of renewable natural resources and the enrichment of local ecosystems. Wikipedia says...

We moved in in October of 2005. The house had been a rental for most of its 53 years, and the yard had all the charm of a PDX 50's era landscape that had never been updated or particularly cared for. Oh the rhododendrons, camellia, and roses had been sheared into square shapes and the weedy grass lawn had been mowed regularly, but it had the look of a rental.

Soon after moving in I dug up the roses and rhodies and gave them away on www.craigslist.org, and we started down the road of "fixing" the land.

Over the winter a bad wind-storm brought down the noble fir living in the neighbor's back yard and took out a number of the mature arborvitae.

It significantly changed our plans for the back yard, and while it was a big, expensive, shed crushing mess, it was also a blessing in disguise. We didn't like the arborvitae, but we really didn't want to cut them down either. Decision made for us, we proceeded to start with a clean palette.

Fast forward to Summer 2006
The garden is growing, the yard is sheet mulched, and Jenna has mostly bought in to the fact that I mostly know what I am doing and I won't make her eat the squash we are growing. More for me!

We've just experience a record heat wave and everything is wiltly or crispy, but these were taken three weeks ago:

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hot hot
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bone dry / 70 F
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