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A crash in in the night

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Long time no posting. Just as I was preparing the spring and summer "time lapse" photos for this blog, my 400 gig hard drive crashed taking with it every thing that lived on it: documentary, client files, music collection, and most importantly garden pictures.

Here ends the mourning period as the seed catalogue have arrived!

A bit has changed in the plan since my last post so many months ago. The house need painted, and the kitchen and bath need some upgrades so the green house will be on hold for a few years. I dismantled the beast (that had literally popped in a big windstorm) and am finishing up raised bed planters built with it's lumber and foundation this weekend.

I've created a map manifesto of our plot. It is slowly coming together and changes a bit here and there as I come across a free pear tree here or a sale on flowering fruiting quinces there. I've added so many plants that I have lost count of the number of species. I hope to get that under control in the next month or two.

I've finished the rain swales in the front of the yard and hooked them up to the roof discharge. Even in our largest multi-day downpours the performed admirably with no standing water. THe parking strip swales are 50% complete. There is some standing water in them that dissipate after 30 minutes or so. I have high hopes for native grasses and worms to tame the hard-pack soil that lives there. It took me a number of days of digging and letting it rain to soften the soil before I could get the two crabapples in the ground...

The map: Grimm Garden Map
click for a pdf
Precipitation / Current Temperature:
dry / 55 F
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