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Phase 2: Complete

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A free truckload of wood chips appeared Friday afternoon a few hours after I put away the shovel from digging out the berm for the NW corner of the yard, so I pulled out the shovel and went back to work. Saturday I had plans all day, so Jenna helped me finish up on Sunday. We mulched front and back and put in a number of the plants for the NW corner.

Next step is to build a bench near the lilac. I'm toying with the idea of building a rustic one out of the arborvitae wood I just cut down...

Adventures in fig drying:

I figured the greenhouse gets hot enough if I close it up. I added a fan to get the humidity out. We'll see if it works.

Gratuitous flower shots:

Zucchini Flower and two bumble bees

How does the garden grow?:
Precipitation / Current Temperature:
dry / 66F
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